Janice Movson is a South African born artist who grew up under Apartheid. She has her BFA in Painting and Art History and her MFA in Painting. Her original medium was large oil-painted canvasses, both figurative and abstract. As she began to explore clay, she drew upon the visually rich, culturally diverse, and politically evolving world in which she came of age, glazing personally meaningful symbols and drawings onto her sculpted figures. Through these ceramic figures, as well as her work on paper, she explores the immigrant’s sense of being displaced, of losing home. Her hand-built vessels reflect a different instinct: She is less invested in imbuing these pieces with power or story and tries instead to feel her way into the clay. While she moves freely from abstract to figurative to utilitarian art, crafting pots, tableware, perfume containers, and chains as well as her sculpted pieces, she is also now returning to her oil-painting roots. Janice currently lives in Harlem and sculpts at Greenwich House Pottery Studio.

Those Who Make•Jane Hartsook Gallery •May 2017
Solo Exhibition•5 Mount Morris Park West•November 2015
Solo Exhibition•257 West 86th•January 2013
Directors Choice Award•Greenwich House Pottery•2012
Artists' Exhibition•Greenwich House Pottery•June 2011
Solo Exhibition•257 West 86th•April 2011
Artists' Exhibition•Greenwich House Pottery•June 2010
Made in Clay Benefit Sale•Greenwich House Pottery•April 2010
Solo Exhibition•287 Hoyt Street•April 2009
Nature Hanging By a Thread•Queens Theatre•May 2003
Materia Prima•Kleinert/James Arts Center•June 2001
Motherlode•Mills Pond House Gallery•February 1999
A Women's Work Is Never Done•Hudson Square•April1998
Holy Ghost Salon•January 1997
Holy Ghost Salon•January 1996
Sculptures & T-Pots•Greenwich House Pottery•May 1995
Selected Ceramic Pieces•Jane Hartsook Gallery•October 1994

Gelernt Fellowship•2001
Time Warner Arts Fellowship•2001
School of Visual Arts Scholarship Award•1985-1987